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Everyday Photos

Nick Salameh is the amazing photographer behind Everyday Photos.

"I’m Nick Salameh.  A 56-year old native of Northern Virginia.  I currently reside in the Fairfax Station/Occoquan area with my wife Kimberly, younger son Shepherd, and our two dogs, Grace and Ivy.  I have an older son, Chris, who lives in the City of Alexandria. I am a 36-year veteran of the fire service.  I spent five years as a volunteer firefighter with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, and 31 years (paid) with the Arlington County Fire Department, where I retired as a Fire/EMS Captain II in 2017.

I began taking pictures in 4th grade, with my parents’ Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid camera.  Years later, my parents, Norma and Jabra, hired a portrait photographer to photograph my two brothers and me.  I had no idea how much of an influence the photographer, the late Gerry “Doc” Mishaw, would have on me.

Doc inspired me to purchase my first 35mm SLR camera, which was a Pentax K1000.  We’d go to local venues like Old Town, Alexandria and Green Springs Park to take pictures. I became his apprentice “gopher” and Doc became my mentor.  Doc took me along on wedding and other photo shoot opportunities.  I carried the camera bags, set up tripods and umbrellas, and would load and unload camera film.  He offered me pointers along the way, and I picked up a few things just watching him work.  I still give him credit when I capture a particularly good photograph.

My initial passion in photography is capturing a moment in time.  Its one thing to have a good eye, but something altogether different when someone else has an appreciation for an image I captured.  I love seeing others emotionally connect to a photograph I created.  Those reactions motivate and inspire me. I also appreciate the surprise when I capture a great photo.

Later in life, my wife gave me a Nikon camera as a birthday gift, which inspired me to start taking pictures again.  Over the years I’ve taken a wide range of pictures.  My running joke is, its a good day when I shoot 300 pictures and end up with 5 or 10 really good ones.  Those good ones have added up over the years, mainly enjoyed by family and friends.  I began to wonder what the general public would think about my photography, and perhaps I should try to sell some of my prints. 
Then, I met Rachael Bright, Artist and Founder of the Local Colour Gallery and Boutique in the small, charming, historical Town of Occocquan.  Rachael offered me an opportunity to display my photographs in her studio, and it just so happens she specializes in connecting local artists with the community.  I’m very grateful to Rachael for this opportunity and for her support. 

I’m honored to share my photographs. I hope they inspire emotional connections, and find good homes. Photographs are a wonderful way to see everyday images from a new and fresh perspective.

Watch out for more to come from “Everyday Photos”.

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