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Singular Sensations by June

June started Singular Sensations by June in 2018 with a line of scarves and hats in easy

to care for materials and has since evolved

to make custom dolls ranging from her unique celebrity dolls to any custom creature that inhabits the land, sea, air, and deep mystical places.


Dolls take approximately three weeks (or a little more if she needs to order custom materials).  June uses crushed velvet or chenille yarn for most of her dolls due to its soft, plush texture which makes her dolls extra huggable and a pleasure to hold.  She uses hypo-allergenic poly-fil stuffing and safety eyes on her dolls making them kid-friendly, unless other types

of eyes are requested like a button eye or hand-sew eyes.

Please contact us with your request and we can quote a price and estimated completion date. 

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